Specialised Services

Our Services

At Aston House we recognise the difficulties one may have and the service we provide promotes equality and inclusion.  We use a wide range of techniques and approaches in the care and support of our residents to optimise their individual abilities.

We provide specialised services for our residents which include:

Support and Develop Independent Living Skills

By drafting and implementing dedicated ‘User Led’ care plans, and taking on board individual’s goals and aspirations, we support residents to develop and maintain independent living skills within the home.  We aim to follow key dynamics including ‘Personalisation’ and new valuing the person’ as well as full knowledge of the Mental Health legislations and practices.

Staff Team

Our Staff Team at Aston House has a wide range and depth of experience. We work with staff to focus on specialised training in mental health areas including: Mental Capacity Act, signs of abuse and DoLS. Each resident has a Key Worker assigned who pays special attention to that person’s individual needs.

Person Centered Planning and Health Action Planning

We promote and encourage individuals to ‘make decisions’ and ‘take charge in their daily lives’.   We work with Heath Action Plans, Care Plans and Support Plans alongside the local Mental Health Team, to ensure each individual’s Mental Health and wellbeing is closely monitored.

Community Access and Presence

We believe in ‘social inclusion’ at every given opportunity. We encourage our individuals to be involved within the community to ensure they are living as fulfilling and normal life as possible. We support individual’s requests to ensure they do not feel isolated.

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