Effective Communication

At Aston House we acknowledge the difficulties individuals with Mental Health issues come across. We work closely with specialist teams to breakdown the communication barriers plus the emotional difficulties and provide the necessary tools to assist with coping, managing and development. We also have specialist staff of the highest calibre to support our residents.


Person Centred Active Support (PCAS)

All our staff have training in PCAS which is a specialised practice.  If residents have difficulties in communicating their tasks we support them in personal centered methods of communication.

We follow the most up-to-date practices and legislation: ‘putting people first’ is one of our key directives. We closely monitor the changes that are put into practice, therefore ensuring our support for each individual and monitor any changes related to them, therefore ensuring our care is always delivered to an excellent standard.  As an aspiration to become a reliable and trusted “part of the family” service we understand how difficult Mental Health can be and the issues surrounding individuals. Therefore we have a strong background in known Mental Health conditions.

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